Are You Good Enough?


Following the success of Drop the Pink Elephant, Bill McFarlan and leading psychiatrist Dr Alex Yellowlees from The Priory, offer explanations about what affects confidence and practical advice to build confidence to become a happy, well-rounded individual. Whether you are leading a high powered corporate lifestyle, at home raising a family, studying at university or unemployed Are You Good Enough? will help to create confidence and boost it so that you reach your goals, banish low self- esteem and eliminate self-doubt, explained in terms that all can understand.
Imagine being able to replace negatives with positives, having clarity and being able to pay and accept compliments with sincerity. Think about how good it would be to be direct with your manager about being overworked on your project and not being able to make a deadline without feeling anxiety and stress. Gain knowledge in pruning friendships from unhealthy “all take” and “no give “ to healthy balanced friendships. Learn how to boost your own confidence and pass your awareness of self-esteem onto your children, encouraging them to thrive and be confident adults. It is not possible to alter the past and your own set of circumstances that had detrimental consequences on your mindset but it is within your grasp to learn how to change your attitude and outlook to become that contented, confident person you would like to be. Let Are You Good Enough? based on real life experiences, triumphs and tragedies and solutions to deep-seated problems, show you how.

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People in Britain have more choices than ever before … but are they any happier? There’s evidence to suggest that many are drowning under the weight of their responsibilities and losing confidence in their ability to juggle more and more tasks. Steve and Lynn Clark are one such couple. Married with a five year-old child, they are successful and happy. On the surface. But their relationship is beginning to stagnate and their confidence in their life together – and each other – is starting to crumble. Until, that is, an unsolicited text message asks a searching question. It’s the first of a series that causes them to question their behavior and their values – and devise a series of remedies for their growing problems. Together, they create new ways to build confidence. Rules that anyone can apply to their own lives with similar results. Through this modern parable, told by Bill McFarlan – author of the best-selling Drop the Pink Elephant – and psychiatrist Dr Alex Yellowlees, one of Britain’s foremost experts in confidence, the authors get to the root of issues that affect every adult across the UK. Women feeling pressurized about their shape – over-achieving men who cannot enjoy success – parents who question if they’re raising their kids well – partners who need to love themselves be- fore they can love each other – adults who need to prune friends who are all ‘take’ and no ‘give’ – men and women who struggle to handle their relationship with their parents. All these thorny issues are covered in a groundbreaking book that takes fact – rooted in medical knowledge – and applies it to today’s society in a simple and straightforward manner. The dialogue is poignant, witty, heart-warming and real.


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