Inside, you’ll discover secrets to generate excitement all the way down the line to achieve superior results. Real-world stories of leaders who have transformed their organizations will inspire you to move your own organization to a position of strength. And, you’ll find helpful, easy-to-follow advice on how to communicate in a way that inspires people to act.

Motivate Like a CEO teaches you how to:

Inspire people to embrace and share your vision
Speak with energy and confidence in tough situations
Turn challenges into opportunities
Get your team engaged, in the loop, and tracking real results
Make time in your schedule for sharing your message of motivation throughout your company
Even a well-positioned, strategically sound company will fail if its messages and focus are not clear. Successful leaders must be able to move the strategic plan from words on paper into the hearts and minds of the people who make it happen.

Motivate Like a CEO can help you significantly improve bottom line results, create a happier, more unified team of people, and allow you to leave a legacy of leadership.

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MANY FRIENDS, MENTORS, AND COLLEAGUES have supported, encouraged, and advised me on this project. They include Ken Lizotte, Meredith O’Connor, Donya Dickerson, Craig Bentley, Paula Lyons, Sarah Woods Bates, Alan Weiss, as well as Marcia Abbott, Mary Lou Andre, Vicki Donlan, Karen Friedman, Kasey Kaufman, Gayle Sierens, Annie Stevens, Chris Storr, Eleanor Uddo, and Kathy Venne. I also am grateful to my friends and colleagues in the Women Presidents Organization, the National Speakers Association, and The Boston Club. With deepest gratitude, I acknowledge the people who graciously gave interviews and those who connected me with sources. All have helped me develop a greater understanding of the subject matter for this book. They include Steve Barron, Keith Blakely, Greg Case, Mike Curran, Mike Daly, Matt Davis, Kelly Drinkwine, John Fish, Archelle Georgiou, Robin Gundry, Deb Hicks, Brian Johnson, Paula Johnson,  Ranch Kimball, Rich Krueger, Gloria Larson, Ken Liebler, Joanne Lin-hares, Andrew Liveris, Sean Martin, Ellyn McColgan, Maureen McGurl, Mike McNally, Evelyn Murphy, Jeff Neufeld, Laura Onessimo, Ellen Parker, Jennifer Parker, Dina Piran, Michelle Press, Vikki Pryor, Steve Rendle, Peter Roberts, Howard Schultz, Bill Swanson, Jeff Taylor, John Touchette, Kyle Warwick, Beth Webster, Rachel Whitehouse, Pam Wickham, and David Woods. I would never have completed this project without the support and love of my family: my husband, Drew Yanno; my daughter, Meghan McGrath; my mother, Jane Bates; my sister, Mary Louise Gladden; my brothers, Richard Bates, and Charles Bates. Rosie, our faithful Jack Russel terrier, leaped out of bed at the crack of dawn each morning and kept me company as I wrote. Finally, I want to remember my father, Richard K. Bates, 1931–2008. He was my first and most important role model in business and in life, and will always be a source of tremendous inspiration.


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