• Animated Overlays: This is a tool that will provide you with animated animations such as hearts, snow, rain, … to make your photos more vivid and realistic.
• Animated Decorations: This tool will help you to add animations to your photos. PhotoDirector currently has a lot of animations with different themes like love, birthday, New Year, …
• Dispersion: If you remember Thanos’ “Infinity Gauntlet” then this tool has the same feature. Just tick the details in the image, the marked parts will be scattered throughout your photo like Thanos’ snap

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PhotoDirector Photo Editor & Animator is a photo editing app published by CyberLink Corp. Since its inception, the application has been trusted by a lot of users when it has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play and 4.5/5 stars ratings. Everything you want to do with your photos, PhotoDirector will do it for you.

PhotoDirector includes many different photo editing tools. The basic features such as cut, rotate, tilt adjustment, are fully provided. But if only those features alone, this app would not attract users that much. You can use other advanced features like adjusting colors and lighting, applying photo effects, frames. Only for the color adjustment part, the application has many extremely professional advanced tools such as exposure, contrast, highlight, tint…


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