SPEED MEMORY is a comprehensive memory
training course based on recent research. As you
work through the book, you graduate from
simple methods to highly advanced systems-and
increase your memory power as you go!

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Speed Memory will enable you to remember lists of objects not only in order, but also in reverse and random order; to remember names and faces, as well as facts associated with them; to remember speeches, scripts, articles, jokes and narratives; to remember dates, prices, numbers (including telephone numbers!) and anniversaries; and to remember far more readily languages and information relevant to examinations. You will also be able to perform ‘memory feats’ with* number games and cards. The course was compiled over a number of years, taking Into consideration the latest educational and psychological theories as well as a wide range of material concerned with memory systems. As a result Speed Memory will give you as wide an introduction to the art of memory training as do the much-publicized memory training courses advertised in the national press. The course will enable you also to see how the ‘Super-Brain’ memory experts perform their amazing feats, while at the same time enabling you to perform with the same competence! In other words, anyone who approaches this book seriously can himself become, in the popular sense of the term, a mental wizard! It is a number of years since the widespread publicity surrounding Pelmanism made the art of memory training well- known. But it has taken all this time for the various systems to be completely developed, and for new and exciting systems to be introduced. Speed Memory brings the reader to this exciting point in time. The book is programmed to make the learning of the various systems especially easy. The first section introduces the history of memory and the development of ideas and practices surrounding it, thus providing a context for subsequent learning. The next few chapters introduce simple Link and Peg systems, enabling you to exercise your growing capacities on progressively more difficult material and advanced concepts. Among these systems is an entirely new and original system, Skipnum, recently developed by my close friend, Heinz Norden, the well-known polymath. After these basic systems have been introduced an important chapter is devoted to the memorization of names and faces, as well as facts relating to them. This is followed by the introduction of the Major System, a highly developed mnemonic system that serves not only as an almost infinite Peg system (1,000 Peg words are included in this chapter!), but also a system that may be applied to the memorization of numbers in their various forms. The remainder of the book is devoted in part to these numerical memorizations (dates, prices, telephone numbers, anniversaries and birthdays, etc.) and in part to the more general application of memory systems to remembering speeches, scripts, jokes, articles, narratives, languages, appointments and schedules. In conclusion, special examination techniques are discussed and general advice is given.


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