Text To Speech Pro


Text To Speech Pro
• Pinch-zoom to enlarge font.
• Keeps reading in the background- so you can do other things with the phone, or even turn off the screen to save battery.
• Export to mp3 audio files!! (as much as 800 words)
• Remembers the article and last position when paused, even if you exit the app. This way, you can come back to listening right where you previously left.
• Premium includes: dark mode, font types.

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Text To Speech (TTS) Reader for any text (write your own or text file), website and PDF files.

Listen to articles, or play-back your own texts.

Send your friends audio messages in different voices and accents! Write in English, let it be read by one of the many voices and languages. Spanish for example will result in your text being read with a Spanish accent. Send the generated voice message to friends via messaging, Whatsapp, or any other social media. See how they react 😉 It’s a lot of fun!

·         Convert any PDF file to plain text and speech

·         Large variety of natural sounding voices.

·         Ideal for listening to articles while driving, traveling, exercising, working and more.

·         Once you have the language downloaded (most devices have their default language downloaded by default) – and you have your text, TTSReader works completely offline.

·         You save tons of data roaming charges, and you can listen to text even without reception.

·         Auto-scrolls to show current text on screen.

·         Share audio files

·         Reads text with different accents – try it out – it’s really funny.

·         Control speech rate.

And much more.

If it doesn’t work – first of all check your media-volume level. It’s probably on mute (use your device’s buttons).

Second – make sure you have the necessary voice/language downloaded, as we use your devices languages & voices.

TTSReader is really helpful for busy people who want to be able to listen to written content while doing something else.

For instance – you can listen to whole Wikipedia articles (just copy-paste them to here, or share directly from the browser), or to some documents you need to study for work or personal education.

Saves you tons of mobile data traffic and charges

Regular podcast apps consume a ton of data, as long audio files are also large in size. Contrary to that, TTSReader uses text to speech engines, which are built in your mobile system.


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